I Heard She Cut Her Hair Off


I showed an interest in the hair from that foggy night. I met a woman having long and
beautiful hair just then. “I want to cut my hair.” she had been saying ever since we first
met. That didn’t sound good for me. “May I take you and your hair?” I asked later.
“Sure.” she replied. She swung her long hair as if it is alive. “Your hair is like alive.”
I said. “She is hanging out with me for decades. I take care of her every single day
during that time. So of course, I have my life in her. “she replied. After months I was
with her, she left me.
Then one month passed without seeing her. I heard she cut her hair off. She was surely
loving it until just before that. But, she killed it. I understand all the existence is
uncertain, random, and transitory. Even these images disappear sometime.